Here are some of my favourite articles. See a list of publications I’ve written for HERE.

  • Whitenose – Devastating disease threatens bat population
  • Holograms – Picture within a picture: Holograms hide confidential information
  • Erosion – Coastal communities fight back against effects of global warming
  • Circus – Cirque du Soleil’s magical Quidam (feature)
  • Animal Cruelty – Couple helping abandoned puppies to recover
  • Pollution – Lichens point to cleaner air quality
  • World Wonders – Bay of Fundy: Canada’s only contestant for new natural wonders
  • Organics – The natural way to bring young farmers down to the farm
  • Radiation – No safe radiation, expert says


SLIDESHOW about public surveillance (private eyes are watching you)

PODCAST about Canada’s earthquake preparedness

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